Ozarks Theology Conference: The First Word

JOHN BARACH is the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church (CREC) in Sulphur, Louisiana, and is a fellow at the Theopolis Institute. Previously he pastored churches in Medford, Oregon, Grande Prairie, Alberta, and Lethbridge, Alberta. He is married to Moriah and has four children.

  • “I am Yahweh Your God”: The First Word and the Gospel
  • Bowing to the Mirror: The First Word and the Ultimate Idol
  • Chosen for a Purpose: The First Word and the Doctrine of Election
  • The 24/7 Talk: The First Word and Our Children

What could be less relevant than a conference on the First Commandment? Perhaps that’s how it seems. And yet through the whole of Scripture, God wages a war against false gods and warns his people against idolatry. The apostle John sums up his exhortation to the church this way: “Keep yourselves from idols.” Join us as we explore that warning so that we see more clearly the freedom we have in Christ and our calling to live as his faithful people, who have no other gods.

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